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The vertical crystallizers of the CR series are the most robust and economical traditional system for heating PET, including the crystallization of amorphous PET (A-PET) in the form of granules or regrind (R-PET).

The vertical crystallizers of the CR series have been specifically designed to overcome the glass transition phase of PET (around 80°C) thanks to a rotating swift that prevents the formation of agglomerates.

The available models have a capacity from 100 to 8.000 LT and can be integrated with dehumidification units to obtain, at the end of the treatment, a crystallized PET with a humidity level lower than 50ppm.

Some key-points of CR vertical crystallizers:

  • The touch-screen panel has clear and essential graphics with different levels of access per user.
  • Setting the work cycle simply requires entering the material handling temperature, after which the process is self-adaptive.
  • The process units are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and externally insulated.
  • Heating resistors are controlled by solid state relays.
  • The bottom cone is removable to facilitate maintenance operations.
  • The action of the rotating reels is managed by an inverter that allows variations in speed between 2 and 5 RPM.